The Last Fix-it Fair of the Season


Alas, there are only three Fix-it Fairs in a year, and the last of this season is upon us. Mark it on your calendars: February 20th, at George Middle School. This is of course also good news as it means that there is one more opportunity to learn about sustainable practices in your home, get an old appliance repaired and back in order, and give back to the community as Bikes for Humanity volunteer!

It also means that the days are getting longer and warmer, and that spring is right around the corner.

There are a myriad of volunteer opportunities for mechanics and non-mechanics alike. We need help transported our mobile bike shop up to St. Johns from Southeast Portland in an epic bike move. Or, if anyone wanted to put a couple stands in their car and drove them up, we wouldn’t complain.

We need a volunteer to teach a flat fix/chain maintenance workshop at 10AM at the school. We need greeters to sign folks up for bike repairs and talk about Bikes for Humanity. And, of course, we need folks working on bikes, engaging with the community about what their doing, and learning or teaching in the process. And then of course, there’s the bike move back.

Here’s the sign-up again one more time: CLICK HERE!