Steven at the peak of Joy Mountain


If anyone needs inspiration for bike-related resolutions for the year, we have received another dispatch from Steven’s bike adventures. He made it to the top of Taiwan’s highest point, Hehuanshan, also known as “Joy Mountain,” a serious ride on its own, much more so after three months of continuous touring and constant on-the-road repairs. “After two days of repairing a flat tube, blown tire, and broken spoke, plus steep climbs and camping in near freezing temps, I finally reached the main peak of Hehuan Mountain (3412 meters elevation), just above Taiwan’s highest elevation highway point of Wuling.”

Steven realized during the ride that biking to its summit is not to be recommended because of “the downhill buses, trucks, and cars pass each other at narrow sections illegally at reckless speeds.” He wrote, “I had one would-be head-on close call that quite scared me.” The way to do it, apparently, is to hitch a ride for the ascent. “The whole way up, I did not see any bicyclists ride up, but saw quite a few cars carrying bikes going up and some bicyclists coasting down.”

Whatever bike adventures you have planned for 2016, we at Bikes for Humanity wish you the best! And of course, we’ll be around to help you choose a bike, get some gear, or learn how to maintain and fix your ride. Happy new year from B4HPDX!