Sidewalk Sale, Saturday February 6th, 10AM-6PM

Spring cleaning is coming early at our shop and classroom this year, and that means even better deals on already affordable bikes!


Our last sidewalk sale, summer 2015

Come on out to our shop on Powell the first Saturday of February to get a ready-to-ride commuter bike, a frame, parts or components for a project bike, or anything else we have on hand for a screaming deal. As we gear up for a new year of granting bikes, mechanics education, and free repairs at external events, we are culling the heard of bikes that don’t directly benefit our vision for the year. But getting bikes to people who need them is in line with our mission anyhow, and will allow us to reorganize the shop and streamline the work to be done therein. Our ultra-knowledgeable shop manager Chris will let you know everything that needs to be done to get these unfinished bikes road ready, and how much of an investment those refurbishments will run–we’ll even do it for you if you find yourself falling in love with one of these under-utilized beauties. We can schedule a time to get your bike in the stand and quote you a price. Better yet, you could become a volunteer and earn an hour of stand time for every two hours you devote to someone else’s future bike!

So spread the word: anyone who’s been looking to adopt a bike and become a commuter can get on the road and be set for the price of a few tanks of gas. Anyone who needs some new gear for a year of riding can browse our inventory donated from a bike shop in the Dalles. And anyone who wants a $500 Thule bike case for half the price, this little home for a bike needs a home!