Adopt a Bike: Gold Nishiki

Gold NishikiTHIS IS A SWEET BIKE! Circa Mid-80’s Nishiki road bike! It came from Japan but it’s in Portland now and looking for a new home. You could ride in practical style on this  lugged steel frame with a gimmie gimmie gold paint job and color-coordinated cable housings.


63cm Seat tube, built for a tall rider

12 speeds!

Classic drop handlebars with classy bar-end shifters

This lobster has blue feelers

This lobster has blue feelers.

Stylish blue cable housing!!!

Sun Rims CR-18 27″ Aluminum Rims, for excellent stopping power in all weather conditions

SunTour SL “High Normal” Front Derailleur – unlike the more standard “low normal” design, where the derailleur is naturally in the lowest chainring and by pulling the cable we move to the higher gear, this derailleur’s natural position is in the higher of the two chainrings, and pulling the cable shifts into the lower gear. The benefit of this, to the rider’s perspective, is that you move both of your shifters in the same direction to shift from high to low gears. This is to make shifting a bit more intuitive.

SunTour SL "High Normal" Front Derailleur

SunTour SL “High Normal” Front Derailleur



Test-ridden and ready to roll! Visit our repair shop on Powell to take this or any of our bikes for a test ride. Call for price and availability.