Adopt a Bike

Bikes for Humanity refers to a bicycle’s return to use, whether as a sale or a grant, as an adoption. It is our hope that each of our bicycles returned to circulation and will be ridden, valued, and maintained for years to come. A bicycle overhauled at Bikes for Humanity represents hours of work done either by volunteers and grantees. It represents hands-on education,  freedom and empowerment for its rider, and our mission in action. In addition to volunteers and donors who didn’t want didn’t want their unused bicycle to go to waste, we need you to adopt our lovingly overhauled bikes! Adopting a bicycle is statement that you value community, the environment, and yourself.

On November 15th, a group of students from Mt. Scott Learning Center visited our space to work on bikes, and a couple teams made these adoption profiles of some of our current available inventory. We size our bikes from the top of the seat tube to the middle of the bottom bracket, which we acknowledge is antiquated, but we hope you find helpful. You’ll have to test ride one to find which fits!

Fire on the Mountain

Model: Fire Mountain
Make: Kona
Size: 21 inch
Color: black
Name: fire on the mountain
Adoption Fee: $220



Maker: Diamond Back
Model: Fleet Street
Name: peewihizier
Size: 19in
Color: red
Wheel size: 26in
Adoption Fee: $180
Baby Doll Blue
Maker: KHS
Model: Gran Sport
Size: 21in
Color: blue
Name: baby doll blue
Wheel size: 27in
Adoption Fee: $140
Maker:rock hopper
Name: basel
Wheel size: 26in
Adoption Fee: $180
Color: white
Chocolate Thunder
Make: Schwinn
Model: Mirada
Size: 17 inches
Color: brown/ mauve
Name: chocolate thunder
Adoption Fee: $150
Franklin Pride
Model: Mirada
Make: schwinn
Size: 23.5 inch
Color: maroon
Name: Franklin Pride
Adoption Fee: $200

Italian Stallion

Maker: Raleigh
Model: Mixte
Size: 20in
Color: grey
Name: Italian stallion
Adoption Fee: $200
Model: Granite Point
Make: Skykomish
Size: 20 inch
Color: dark blue
Name: lapiz
Adoption Fee: $200