Bike Buddies needs your unused bikes!

Donate a Bike Flyer

Bikes for Humanity is urgently seeking your unused bikes for donation to students in underserved schools!

Last year, we turned 80 of Portland’s unused, garage-cluttering bicycles into vehicles for students at underserved schools, and we’re very happy to announced that we’re doing it again in 2016! In partnership with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, and with support from the Oregon Community Foundation and Nike Community Impact Fund, we are planning 3 events to grant 90 bicycles, along with locks, bells, and helmets, to 4th & 5th grade graduates of the BTA’s Bicycle Safety Education program.

The first event will be June 11th at Gilbert Heights Elementary, where we will give away 40 bikes. But first, WE NEED MORE BIKES!

Do you have a bike in your possession that your child has outgrown? Is it taking up space that could be better used for a tarantula tank, a loom, or literally anything else? Donate it to Bikes for Humanity! We’ll hand you back a tax deductible charitable contribution receipt and you’ll walk away with the warm feeling that comes with helping out a kid in need.

To support this initiative, we are holding a BIKE DONATION DRIVE at B4H on Saturday, 5/21/16. Bring your donation by, check out the shop, and meet our friendly volunteers and mechanics. Can’t make the drive? NO WORRIES! Contact us via email or phone and we’ll arrange a pick-up at your home on a date and time that is convenient for you. Contact info can be found in the sidebar on this page or in the flyer above.

We are specifically seeking multispeed bikes with handbrakes and 24″ tires, but we will accept other donations. Please feel free to call ahead if you are uncertain about your bicycle’s suitability.

A PDF of our flyer can be foundĀ here. Spread the word!