12-hour Tune-up-athon tomorrow!


While we may have already provided over 1,000 free repairs for the people of Portland and our bikes at external events, we are having one last impromptu event to show the community we want them to keep riding bikes. We also need them to know that we want to keep doing so, and what better way than to prove out commitment one last time?

We will be at the 6th corner of 7 Corners (depending on how you look at it) just north of Division and west of Ladd from 7AM-1PM, and then at the People’s Co-op Farmer’s Market from 2PM-7PM.

Please come and support us, help work on bike’s if you’re so inclined, or get some free work done on your bike!

There will be pastries, pizza, and coffee, and probably rain. And bikes: all a Portlander could ever want!